Rush is Right!

Posted on May 22, 2007. Filed under: entertainment, funny, humor, life, media, radio, writing |

Before you gasp and curse fellow progressives just take a deep breath and listen to me for a second. Rush nearly gives himself a stroke every day complaining that dems and lefties don’t listen to his show and therefore are misinformed. Well, he is right on that front.

It gets easier and easier to let other people do work for you. I’ll bet most of you have let your husband or wife read the voter’s pamphlet and put a neat little star next to the candidates that he or she feels is the appropriate one and let me guess-you filled in those cute little bubbles without reading any of the ballot measures knowing full well that your honey made good choices. Now let me ask you this question. Are you really of the same mind? Did you experience the Vulcan mind meld when you exchanged vows? Is it really okay to let other people think for you even if you feel that you are on the same side? Well, your answer ought to be no. But I’m not going to tell you what you should say. You should make up your own mind.

Rush challenges liberals every day to tune into his show and I encourage you to actually go ahead and turn the knob from the safety of the soothing liberal voices of NPR to the dark and despairing depths of AM and hear for yourself what your devil is saying straight from his mouth without any left or right watchdogs filtering for you. It would save us a lot of time if you just knew what was going on. Let me ask you this? Do you know how the whole Magic Negro controversy got started? I bet you didn’t know a black journalist for the LA Times started this whole business. Check it out. Do you own research. Fire some neurons that haven’t been sparked in years.


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