To vote or to not vote…

Posted on May 29, 2007. Filed under: entertainment, life, media, radio, writing |

Rush Limbaugh made a decent point today, and while it pains me to say so I’m going to do it.  Let me just remind you my blog is not interested in condemning am radio.  I’m trying to make nonsense out of sense, right?  So Rush made a good point when he responded to a caller who said he wasn’t going to vote anymore.  Rush encouraged him to vote but then he qualified his response by making sure the voter is informed.  Hmm.  Do I agree?  Yes.  Is an ill-informed voter as bad or worse than an informed voter or a non-voter? Perhaps.  But let me guess.  Democrats or Republicans will gladly take a vote regardless as long as it benefits them, right?  Now Rush could’ve said to vote Republican no matter what but he didn’t.  This surprised me a little but then I thought about it.  The fact is that the majority of his listeners are Republican anyway so he doesn’t have to say make sure you vote red because he knows most of his callers do anyway…So the question is do you encourage your eighteen year old niece or nephew to vote knowing full well all they do is surf MySpace and Perez Hilton sites?


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