Who gave Rush Limbaugh a degree in biology?

Posted on May 29, 2007. Filed under: entertainment, funny, humor, life, media, radio, writing |

The global warming issue is the main issue on am radio that makes me a little insane. As an agnostic and a person of science I find the whole matter really, totally a disaster in the making. First, you simply can’t discuss real science on am radio. First and foremost, Rush and the like are entertainers. This is where the average am radio listeners go head first into the bush without survivor skills and the proper equiptment. It’s a little like listening to your drunk uncle tell you that the reason trees are green is because green is God’s favorite color. Ah, where to begin…

I’ve got a lot to offer on this “debate” over global warming but I’m going to start with this. First of all, does is matter? Isn’t it beneficial to the earth to create and maintain sustainable practices? Yes. Second, it’s easier to be in denial. That way you can maintain your status quo without changing anything. Part of understanding these people is understanding their mentality as well as their motives and their funding. Rush loves his green golfcourses and what is more important to him is that the courses stay green. Put yourself in his fat little shoes for a moment. Rush doesn’t believe in global warming because he doesn’t want to-an alcoholic doesn’t want to believe he is an alcoholic because he will have to change not only the lifestyle that he (yes or she) has become accustomed to he will have to make new friends, give up the old, re-evaluate his entire life, and, give up his favorite old friend, booze. Same with Rush. All these guys are united in their denial of global warming because it serves them. Not because it is good for them.

I predict that the past will win and these guys will slowly change their tune. When global warming becomes solid fact and less a partisan issue, when it becomes a fact even for the fattest oil company it’s simply going to be true. Science and politics have always been in conflict and what we are experiencing now is nothing different. Of course, it takes time. The Catholic Church, after all, just recently decided that maybe Galileo was right. The earth, I guess, does in fact revolve around the sun. But isn’t it more fun to surmise that the sun serves us?


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One Response to “Who gave Rush Limbaugh a degree in biology?”

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I agree that the “see no warming” denial effectively deflects all but the most forceful arguments. But I worry more about apathy than out-right denial. What’s worse? Those who attempt to refute global warming on whatever selfish or psuedo-scientific basis or someone who can admit the situation’s reality, shrug, and hop into his or her gas-guzzler and change nothing about his or her own life to do their part.

To take your example of the alcoholic–it would scare me more to hear someone say, “You know, my drinking’s a huge problem, and I just don’t care” than flat-out denial. Denial can be broken; apathy, however, sticks.

Oh, and while Uncle might think God likes green, I’m pretty sure He prefers a nice dark purple.

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