Rush vs. Spotted Owls

Posted on June 4, 2007. Filed under: entertainment, environment, life, media, politics, radio |

I’m constantly amused at how a clever albeit balding narcissist reveals his “disunderstanding” of science and uses his “ignorance” for his own self service.  Once again the spotted owl issue raises its perky predatory birded head here in the Pacific Northwest and like loyal gnats the talk show hosts are swarming over the debate. The spotted owl controversy is back.  It’s still timber vs. owls but now there is a new twist–the barred owl, an aggressive east coast invader is threatening the spotted owls habitat and this makes conservationists uneasy.  Now we all know from the nineties debate talk why the spotted owl is important as an indicator species in regard to the health of our forests but this of course is never mentioned on conservative talk radio.  Personally, I think Rush does understand what an indicator species is and why it’s important.  But of course he could never admit to such a ghastly liberal concept.  According to Rush a proper indicator of a thriving species is the “fact” that they’ve been found nesting  in Kmart signs.  The annoying thing about conservative talk show hosts is how they hide their smarts when it’s convenient and when they can achieve the laughter and nods of their not-so-informed listeners.  They propagate ignorance because the pay off is way bigger than a complete investigation of any given issue.  Spin doctors aren’t stupid.  They know exactly what information to leave out and when to leave it out.  I know it’s all shits and giggles for the Rush’s and Ann Coulters of the world whose idea of nature is an over-fertilized gold course but what would happen if Rush’s favorite cigar tobacco was under threat by angry rampaging polar bears?  Oh wait, polar bears don’t smoke…or do they?


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2 Responses to “Rush vs. Spotted Owls”

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Polar bears prefer chew because of the difficulty in lighting matches in subzero temperature. Not to mention their poor motor skills. But I think you’re right, the best ultra-conservatives can hope for is that their opposition will think they’re stupid. That way, Rush and the rest will be underestimated and not seen for the genuine threat they are. Rush’s insincerity beguiles fools and children who think his sarcasm and oversimplification is factual, accurate, and unbiased.

Of course they prefer chew! As much as Rush discusses animals one would think that perhaps he loves our four legged creatures as much as the rest of us humans…
Oh wait. Maybe Rush is an animal…

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