Gee thanks Angelina for being a pompous dipshit

Posted on June 14, 2007. Filed under: am radio, conservative, entertainment, liberal, life, media, politics |

I digress a bit from my blog’s focus because I’m so incredibly annoyed.  Not only did Angie try and ban Fox News from her movie premier “A Mighty Heart” a movie about decapitated journalist Danial Pearl, a devoted and respected journalist dedicating his life to news and the freedom of speech, she had the gall to wear a 26 dollar dress to the premier like she is one of us, like she is still, what real?  Who the hell does she thinks she’s impressing?  Oprah?  Oh, let me kiss your billionaire skinny ass hand for offending the fuck out of me.  Just wear your Versace and smile and don’t pretend to be like you are anything but a rich Hollywood actress.


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2 Responses to “Gee thanks Angelina for being a pompous dipshit”

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You know, I don’t even follow Hollywood stuff but the whole Angelina-saves-the-world-one-baby-at-a-time has kept me stealthily scanning headlines of glossy magazines in the grocery checkout. She’s a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. I don’t want that, of course, but there’s a certain frenetic pace to her that freaks me out. Well, that and the whole blood of Billy Bob she used to wear around her neck. That’s kind of weird too. Also, sorry for hijacking the post earlier. Alright. I’m off to try on my 23 dollar three piece suit for the Scrabble Invitation tomorrow night.

Angelina is a sexy dipshit. I guess that’s why when she burps, the press polishes that up to she was singing.

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