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It’s hard to understand BBC’s “World Have Your Say.”

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So I’ve been trying to come to terms with the BBC’s call in show “World Have Your Say.” If you’ve read this blog at all you may have run into my snarky raging post about how crappy this program is. I still feel that way about this show in general but I’ve been giving it another chance and expecting less–a lot less–from the program and so I have this to say right now–

It still doesn’t do much for me. First, I still feel like I’m sitting in a college classroom listening to annoying people who talk just to talk. Also, frankly it’s hard to understand what a lot of the callers are actually saying because they either don’t speak English very well or the connection is poor or their accents are too thick. Nothing actually wrong with having a world forum in which to discuss world problems but is it good journalism when you can hardly understand what is being said? I’ve been tuning into this show pretty regularly now since it first starting airing in Portland this year and I find that this is a regular problem.

Another big problem I’ve noticed is that the hosts (and often there is more than one host taking any single call) often lose control over the subject material while they are trying to juggle multiple callers from multiple countries speaking multiple languages while talking over one another. Now I’ve got a pretty good ear but this is just silly. It’s no surprise that a lot of people use these kinds of shows to voice their own concerns and platforms but the hosts have got to keep things under control. It’s almost like they’re afraid to cut any off because they might seem too harsh.

I think this show sounds better on paper than it does on the air. It is informative and fun to be able to talk with people halfway across the world but it really needs to be cleaned up. It’s way too nice and nice doesn’t really work on the radio. And what is up with the cheesy British Dr. Who-esque opening music?

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Global Warming is making my eggs hatch faster

Posted on September 24, 2007. Filed under: conservative, humor, liberal, media, politics, talk radio |

I’m having one of those generic, bland, dull days listening to conservative talk radio.  I’m not laughing, I’m not crying, I’m not angry, I’m not even slightly peeved.  Frankly, I’m just kind of bored and at a loss about the whole global warming denial syndrome, or GWDS.  Rush is especially deft at denial.  I know, he’s just a big old windbag and I’m sure in his heart of hearts late at night during the witching hour when all is quiet on his Palm Beach estate he wonders if indeed, his butter is melting on his toast at a faster rate than years past.  But even if he does have his doubts he can’t express this.  He has decided that global warming is not science.  It is liberal propaganda concocted by the likes of Al Gore and George Soros to further their careers and keep us terrified with liberal fear mongering. (That is what he says, not me).  Sigh.  Maybe it’s time for me to switch gears.  I’ve been tuning into Mike Savage and Rush because it’s convenient for me during the day, but you know what?  I haven’t been doing my homework and that is probably why I’m bored.  Maybe I need to set my sights on the old Leprechan, Bill O’Reily.  I’ll have to wake up earlier though and that could be a problem.

Any requests?

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It’s official! Naming your child after a breakfast beverage turns him into a total nutball!

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So O.J.’s in trouble again, big surprise.  A little older, a little less wiser.  I missed Rush this morning so I wasn’t able to hear his jowly booming tenor but I did manage to read the transcript on the O.J. arrest after surfing over to his website.  I enjoy the confused and irritated glances I get from the regulars at Crema  (my local coffee shop) when I download the Rush Limbaugh website.   I can just image the bewilderment running through these concerned liberal brains, “But she doesn’t look like a conservative lunatic…”  Anyway, I digress.  So the gravy is this.  Rush personally appealed to O.J. and offered his suggestion for a defense by saying that O.J. call it cultural.  It’s a cultural thing, you know, waving guns around at people.   Ha ha,  Rush made a funny.  Actually, I thought it was kinda funny.  Does that make me  a conservative asshole?  Well, I’m not!  Really.

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Mike Savage and Ralph Nader…Batman and Robin?

Posted on September 13, 2007. Filed under: bizarre news, conservative, entertainment, humor, liberal, life, media, politics |

Yesterday I tuned into the Savage Nation after taking the rest of the summer off from my little blog project here only to hear Mike Savage politely introducing Ralph Nader with respect and humility and I have to say I was pretty blown away. Has our political environment become so polarized that the extreme left and the extreme right are now close enough to hold hands?

It’s interesting to note that Nader was on the Savage Nation promoting his new memoir and not necessarily invited to discuss politics although they did talk a little about how they agreed that having Mexican trucking companies gaining access to U.S. highways is a bad idea. They also briefly commiserated on the fact that a third party is distinctly lacking from American politics. None of this was a surprise to me knowing Savage’s libertarian leanings and Nader’s Green Party affiliation (which Savage admitting having “problems” with in an uncharacteristically non-confrontational manner for a man who regular uses the term “verminous liberal scum”).

Being a person who enjoys all things strange this broadcast was truly bizarre for several reasons. First, why was Nader on the show in the first place? Can you think of any Nader supporter that regularly listens to the Savage Nation? Can you think of any Savage listener that takes Nader seriously? What made Savage hold back any critique of Nader and his left-wing politics? Not only was he just super nice to the old bachelor he praised his efforts in consumer rights and for being a man of integrity. And what about Ralph? Does he know who Mike Savage is? Does he know that his millions of listeners deplore all things liberal? Are these two men just dedicated to self-promotion to the extent that they can put aside their political differences just to get themselves heard? Or is something weirder going on? Has corporate America made everyone so sick that even mortal enemies can come together in order to spear the beast? Stranger things have happened for sure.

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