Mike Savage and Ralph Nader…Batman and Robin?

Posted on September 13, 2007. Filed under: bizarre news, conservative, entertainment, humor, liberal, life, media, politics |

Yesterday I tuned into the Savage Nation after taking the rest of the summer off from my little blog project here only to hear Mike Savage politely introducing Ralph Nader with respect and humility and I have to say I was pretty blown away. Has our political environment become so polarized that the extreme left and the extreme right are now close enough to hold hands?

It’s interesting to note that Nader was on the Savage Nation promoting his new memoir and not necessarily invited to discuss politics although they did talk a little about how they agreed that having Mexican trucking companies gaining access to U.S. highways is a bad idea. They also briefly commiserated on the fact that a third party is distinctly lacking from American politics. None of this was a surprise to me knowing Savage’s libertarian leanings and Nader’s Green Party affiliation (which Savage admitting having “problems” with in an uncharacteristically non-confrontational manner for a man who regular uses the term “verminous liberal scum”).

Being a person who enjoys all things strange this broadcast was truly bizarre for several reasons. First, why was Nader on the show in the first place? Can you think of any Nader supporter that regularly listens to the Savage Nation? Can you think of any Savage listener that takes Nader seriously? What made Savage hold back any critique of Nader and his left-wing politics? Not only was he just super nice to the old bachelor he praised his efforts in consumer rights and for being a man of integrity. And what about Ralph? Does he know who Mike Savage is? Does he know that his millions of listeners deplore all things liberal? Are these two men just dedicated to self-promotion to the extent that they can put aside their political differences just to get themselves heard? Or is something weirder going on? Has corporate America made everyone so sick that even mortal enemies can come together in order to spear the beast? Stranger things have happened for sure.


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2 Responses to “Mike Savage and Ralph Nader…Batman and Robin?”

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I think you read too much into these liberal conservative labels. If you really want to label them, I would think that both of them are more libertarians than anything. But then again I really don’t believe in all these dumb labels that are only meant to divide the country to begin with.

This is whats wrong with the world today. People are so caught up in these labels that they refuse to listen to someone just because of there label.

How sick have you all become?


I appreciate your comment but I’m afraid you are missing the mission of my blog in your hurried attempt to label me as, ah, sick? If you had taken the time to read my mission statement you would realize I’m not interested in simply labeling people and calling them names.
Furthermore, I happen to call people liberal or conservative usually because that is how they label themselves. I don’t see anything wrong with labels. Labels and categories are designed to help us understand where people are coming from and they help us create order in a chaotic world. Are you a college student? Because you sure sound like one. Or shall I not label you as such.

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