Global Warming is making my eggs hatch faster

Posted on September 24, 2007. Filed under: conservative, humor, liberal, media, politics, talk radio |

I’m having one of those generic, bland, dull days listening to conservative talk radio.  I’m not laughing, I’m not crying, I’m not angry, I’m not even slightly peeved.  Frankly, I’m just kind of bored and at a loss about the whole global warming denial syndrome, or GWDS.  Rush is especially deft at denial.  I know, he’s just a big old windbag and I’m sure in his heart of hearts late at night during the witching hour when all is quiet on his Palm Beach estate he wonders if indeed, his butter is melting on his toast at a faster rate than years past.  But even if he does have his doubts he can’t express this.  He has decided that global warming is not science.  It is liberal propaganda concocted by the likes of Al Gore and George Soros to further their careers and keep us terrified with liberal fear mongering. (That is what he says, not me).  Sigh.  Maybe it’s time for me to switch gears.  I’ve been tuning into Mike Savage and Rush because it’s convenient for me during the day, but you know what?  I haven’t been doing my homework and that is probably why I’m bored.  Maybe I need to set my sights on the old Leprechan, Bill O’Reily.  I’ll have to wake up earlier though and that could be a problem.

Any requests?


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2 Responses to “Global Warming is making my eggs hatch faster”

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Yes, I have a request. take your often witty, always haphazard tirade somewhere that it matters. It’s no fun watching you shoot wooden ducks.


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