“World Have Your Say” tiptoes towards farce

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Do you remember way back when you were in college and you were forced to take that stupid senior seminar class in order to graduate? Remember it really didn’t have much point except to force you into class with people you hadn’t seen in four years just to discuss irrelevant politically correct bullshit? Remember that girl from that class who doesn’t ever shut up and she just keeps talking and offering her unending sermon on how the world is just so unfair and how everyone needs a break and how if everyone just spent a month hand feeding starving babies in Uganda like she did last semester that the world would be a better place? Well, in case you’ve forgotten how craptastic that class was tune into the BBC’s “World have your say.” Not every city in the US is graced with this waste of bandwidth-but Portland is! Yeah!

Now why would a respectable news organization like BBC numb my brain with over-excited, comically British hosts discussing the recent cock-fighting ban in Louisiana?! Big world news item, folks. Move over Iraq and Osama-we gots us a big story here! But it’s not just a story, folks. We got Johnny-two-teeth straight outta the bayou and he’s mad as hell that his cocks got done and banned and we got Ronny-do-gooder from the big city who thinks chickens should have equal rights and they’re gonna go at it on international radio and we’re gonna show the world how America’s talking about chickens with knives strapped to their ankles while the rest of the world goes to hell!

Normally I’m immune to conspiracy theories, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if Hamas had orchestrated this entire broadcast…and liberals wonder why conservatives make fun of them…

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Dr. Laura defends Angelina and puts bloggers on her evil list…

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 Just one more post on lovely Angelina and then I’m done with her.  So I’ve been listening to Dr. Laura this week while El Rushbo is off playing golf and Mike Savage is having a quiet vacation with the family (he doesn’t believe in adventure vacations by the way–his radio show is adventure enough).  Dr. Laura was very proud of Angelina for fending off Fox and journalists in general last week by making them sign some contract that said she was only going to talk about her movie premier and not about Brad’s morning breath.  The good doctor then went on to praise Jolie for going around and saving babies from a not-so-glamorous life in any given impoverished nation and that she does great work and good for her for sticking it to all us evil bloggers and scum mongers (aka journalists) .  (Or was it scum monkey?)  Apparently Dr. Laura has some “issues” with journalists.  Off topic, but one Vanity Fair reporter allegedly lured her into what she thought was an unbiased piece-turns out there is no such thing…

Now while Dr. Laura praised Angie for being a good mother and making motherhood stylish again she did chastise her a little bit for ahem, “shacking up” with that Brad guy and of course for having kids out of wedlock.  She also doesn’t get what Angie sees in Brad (hey, I agree with her there).

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Rush insists conservatives don’t want to control you.

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Today our favorite fat man was annoyed that the British government is trying to promote vegetarianism as a means to fight global warming and promote health.  And true to form Rush linked vegetarianism immediately to big government and, you guessed it to liberalism.  According to Rush liberals want to control you more than conservatives via big government.  Something strange was missing in the argument.  Like amendments against gay rights and laws making abortion illegal.  Sure, conservatives don’t want to control what you do.  As long as you adhere to their standards of morality you can do whatever you want…

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Rush vs. Spotted Owls

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I’m constantly amused at how a clever albeit balding narcissist reveals his “disunderstanding” of science and uses his “ignorance” for his own self service.  Once again the spotted owl issue raises its perky predatory birded head here in the Pacific Northwest and like loyal gnats the talk show hosts are swarming over the debate. The spotted owl controversy is back.  It’s still timber vs. owls but now there is a new twist–the barred owl, an aggressive east coast invader is threatening the spotted owls habitat and this makes conservationists uneasy.  Now we all know from the nineties debate talk why the spotted owl is important as an indicator species in regard to the health of our forests but this of course is never mentioned on conservative talk radio.  Personally, I think Rush does understand what an indicator species is and why it’s important.  But of course he could never admit to such a ghastly liberal concept.  According to Rush a proper indicator of a thriving species is the “fact” that they’ve been found nesting  in Kmart signs.  The annoying thing about conservative talk show hosts is how they hide their smarts when it’s convenient and when they can achieve the laughter and nods of their not-so-informed listeners.  They propagate ignorance because the pay off is way bigger than a complete investigation of any given issue.  Spin doctors aren’t stupid.  They know exactly what information to leave out and when to leave it out.  I know it’s all shits and giggles for the Rush’s and Ann Coulters of the world whose idea of nature is an over-fertilized gold course but what would happen if Rush’s favorite cigar tobacco was under threat by angry rampaging polar bears?  Oh wait, polar bears don’t smoke…or do they?

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